Sly Brand is the design work of Carl Fox.

Hi! I’m Carl Fox — an award-winning graphic designer living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. I currently work for the User Experience group at Hilton where my focus lies in creating digital experiences that inspire people to book our world-class hospitality and travel offerings.

When I’m not being creative, I’m hanging out with my smoking-hot wife, my three awesome kids, and my wee pup, Frankie. You can find me at Shelby Farms painting landscapes or at the office, where I sometimes hide from people under my desk.

I truly love the practice and process of design, with a particular bent toward branding and logo creation. If you have a need, no matter the size or budget, I’d love to connect. Cheers!

What I Do

Whether a big corporation, small business, design firm, non-profit or friend, I solve problems with design to help you stand out, live long and yield value. Yep. I’m sly like that.

+1 901 634 7432


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