Mercury Investment Management

As with every new project, I start with sketches. But this one felt special. I felt like we had an opportunity to infuse energy, and motion, or maybe even a figural aspect to this mark. Once we landed on a concept, in order for it to be executed believably, I created a clay sculpture (below) for lighting and form rendering purposes. The final Mercury Man mark was drawn from a version of this sculpture under dramatic lighting from flashlight.

Mercury Investment Management is a real estate fund management and advisory firm with offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Raleigh, North Carolina.

The combo mark featured the head of Mercury, the Greek god of speed and commerce. We felt the swagger he embodies was perfect to represent quick returns in the markets in which Mercury Investment Management operates. This mark was inspired by the Mercury dime as well as the low relief sculpture from the iconic Mercury Marauder hub cap.

The Type is Hoefler & Co.’s Requiem. A classy serif that reinforces the confidence in our concept.

For letterhead, the logo was in-line embossed on Crane’s 100% cotton paper.

We also created a big pocket folder to hold reports and other marketing material. The bigger Mercury Man is, the more his attitude comes out.

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