Obsessive Type Workshop

Obsessive Type was an afternoon typography-themed workshop held as a fun outing for designers in Hilton’s User Experience Group.

Inspired by the Stefan Sagmeister quote, “Obsessions make my life worse but my work better,” I developed a name for the event and promotional posters to create awareness and excitement around the office.

We had conversation over a short slide presentation and then made hand-carved letter-based balsa wood cut block prints. Top and bottom photos courtesy of Luis Toro.

This is one of the block prints — obsessiveness accentuated by indiscriminately applied red watercolor paint.

This workshop was one of a few our group enjoyed covering design-friendly topics like typography and printmaking, tools and photography (that’s me on the far right!).

For the presentation, I made a slide featuring a lightsaber constructed only of typographic characters from Adobe’s Source Sans Pro.

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